b'GlasswareIce BowlThe outer layer of the Ice Bowl can be filled with water and frozen, allowing you to serve your dish at a stable temperature. Alternatively, it can be filled with a decoration such as flowers.The Ice Bowl Freezer is pre-filled with a thermal coolant liquid which can be safely heated or frozen without risk of cracking.Ice Bowl, 120ml, 12cm / 8cm (1 unit) MSK-3084 27.49Ice Bowl Freezer, 120ml, 12cm / 8cm (1 unit) MSK-6809 36.39Freezer GlassesIce Age platesThe Ice Age plate is a thermic plate, produced in satin glass, ideal for effortless and fractureless freezing. The plate isfilled with thermalfluid, which freezes without expanding or fracturing the glass. It can be served as compact ice plate without the need to defrost it or risk of water spillage. Perfect for presenting seafood,The outer layer is filled with a liquid coolant which is safe to freeze ice cream, tartar, etc without cracking.Ice Age Plate Small (13-14cm) (1 unit) MSK-4907 35.79 Dry Freezer Glass, 150ml, 10cm (1 unit) MSK-6828 44.69Ice Age Plate Medium (16-17cm) (1 unit) MSK-4908 48.59 Shot Freezer, 75ml(5x12cm) (1 unit) MSK-6829 33.19Ice Age Plate Large (20-21cm) (1 unit) MSK-4909 57.49Ice Age Plate XLarge (25-26cm) (1 unit) MSK-1462 95.89Ice Age Plate XXLarge (28-30cm) (1 unit) MSK-1463 108.69Ice Age Lemon (24x10cm) (1 unit) MSK-4934 51.09178 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'