b'ObulatoObulatoWafer thin edible sheets made from rice and potato starch. These can be used to create beautiful garnishes such as tuiles andMake edible edible sachets. The obulato will dissolve on contact with moisture although it can be used to encapsulate oil. sachets which melt in the mouth Obulato - Round, 9cm dia (100pk) MSK-5009 9.99 or beautiful Obulato - Square, 9x9cm (200pk) MSK-5010 10.99 glassy tuilesObulato - Roll 60mm x 300m (1 unit) MSK-5017 24.99Obulato - Roll 120mm x 300m (1 unit) MSK-7255 49.99Obulato Mini Edible Cupcake Cases (100pk) MSK-7459 24.99Obulato Sealer (1 unit) MSK-4835 186.49Matcha Tea Mousse with Crystallized Yuzu Zest in an Obulato Cupcake CaseMSK-5070 Frame Porcelain PlateCall us on: 01246 412211 19'