b'Egg-Free Cakes, Scones & PastryIts impossible to underestimate the importance of the humbleWith these ingredients we have created a range of easy-to-follow egg in culinary terms, so it was crucial when developing our newegg-free and plant-based recipes that are suitable for any free-from range to come up with the best allergen-free alternativeafternoon tea or dessert menu, and equal in quality and taste to to this essential ingredient.traditional recipes. Our development chefs have identified three ingredients that workPlease Note: Many of the recipes call for a plant-based milk together in combination to replicate a whole egg in baking, or canalternative.We have used Soy milk in all our recipes, but they be used separately to create a meringue or souffl. also work very well with oat milk and almond milk.They will not MSK UltraWhip: enables liquids to be whipped up and stablework with rice milk or coconut milk.to replace the egg whiteSilk Gel: replaces the emulsification properties of the egg yolk MSK UltraWhip (500g) MSK-2491 29.99MSK Egg-less: gives structure to baked products, preventingSilk Gel (200g) MSK-0494 9.99collapse and allowing a baked crust MSK Egg-less (500g) MSK-7925 29.99Lemon Drizzle Cake250g WaterRaspberry Souffl 20g MSK UltraWhip Macarons (contain almond)10g MSK Egg-less 150g Plant-based Milk (eg Soy/Oat)For the Base 7g MSK Silk Gel 7.5g MSK UltraWhip500g Raspberry Pure225g Sugar 4g MSK Egg-less(reduced to 250g) Zest of 3 lemons100g Water 2g MSK Silk Gel20g MSK UltraTex 270g Plain Flour 150g Caster Sugar12g Baking Powder 170g Ground AlmondFor the Meringue 10g Corn Flour 200g Icing Sugar180g Plant-based Milk (eg Soy/Oat) 2g Salt 2g Cornflour9g MSK UltraWhip 235g Vegetable Oil Place the ground almonds, icing sugar and 2g MSK Egg-less Whisk together the water, UltraWhip, MSKcornflour into a thermomix and blend until 150g Caster Sugar Egg-less and the Silk Gel at a high speedyou have fine powder and sieve.for about 5 minutes until fully aerated.Put the milk, UltraWhip, MSK Egg-less and Disperse the UltraTex into the water toAdd the sugar and whisk for a further 2Silk Gel into a kitchen aid and whisk for 3 form a thick paste. Gradually add theminutes. minutes until fully aerated.Add the caster reduced raspberry puree to this mix. PassSieve the flour, baking powder, corn floursugar and a colour as required then whisk through a sieve to remove any lumps and salt together. Remove the aeratedfor a further 2 minutes. Fold the almond Put the milk, UltraWhip and MSK Egg-lessmixture from the machine and fold in themix into the aerated mix, making sure its on a kitchen aid and whisk until it formsflour mixture and lemon zest. fully incorporated.Pipe onto a silpat mat stiff peaks. Gradually add the sugar andSlowly add the oil to the mixture foldingand leave for between 30 and 45 minutes.whisk until fully incorporated. Add this mixcarefully until all the oil has beenBake at 110C with the fan set to its lowest to the souffl base. incorporated.Bake in a lined loaf tin (8 xspeed. Turn the tray after 20 minutes, then Bake at 180Cfor 12-15 minutes. 21cm) at 160C for 45-50 mins. bake for a further 50 minutes.52 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'