b'Tart BandsMSK are approved UK distributors for Pavoni Italias full rangeMicro-perforated tart bands for perfect shortcrust pastry and smooth for complementary tarts to go on top.Available in Round, oval, square, rectangular and heart-shaped.The full range is available on request, along with micro-perforated silicone pads and stainless steel trays to bake on.Round, Micro-Perforated, 20mm Deep150mm, 2-4 portions, XF1520 MSK-8020 8.72170mm, 4-6 portions, XF1720 MSK-8021 9.10190mm, 6-8 portions, XF1920 MSK-8022 9.88210mm, 10-12 portions, XF2120 MSK-8023 13.00230mm, 14-16 portions, XF2320 MSK-8024 14.44250mm, 18-20 portions, XF2520 MSK-8025 15.60Round, Micro-Perforated, 35mm Deep150mm, 2-4 portions, XF1535 MSK-8026 13.26170mm, 4-6 portions, XF1735 MSK-8027 13.98190mm, 6-8 portions, XF1935 MSK-8028 14.70210mm, 10-12 portions, XF2135 MSK-8029 14.96230mm, 14-16 portions, XF2335 MSK-8030 15.7420mm Round, Smooth120mm, 2-4 portions, X1202 MSK-8031 5.08140mm, 2-4 portions, X1402 MSK-8032 6.12160mm, 4-6 portions, X1602 MSK-8033 6.90180mm, 6-8 portions, X1802 MSK-8034 7.80200mm, 10-12 portions, X2002 MSK-8035 9.36220mm, 14-16 portions, X2202 MSK-8036 9.50240mm, 18-20 portions, X2402 MSK-8037 9.8820mm Oval, Micro-Perforated190mmx70mm, 2-4 portions, XFO197020 MSK-8038 15.02290mmx90mm, 6-8 portions, XFO299020 MSK-8039 17.5635mm Oval, Micro-Perforated190mmx70mm, 2-4 portions, XFO197035 MSK-8040 15.48290mmx90mm, 6-8 portions, XFO299035 MSK-8041 18.4020mm Oval, Smooth180mmx60mm, 2-4 portions, XO186020 MSK-8042 13.58280mmx80mm, 6-8 portions, XO288020 MSK-8043 14.10144 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'