b'MSK UltraTexMSK UltraTex is a high performance, gluten-free, corn-based, instant-thickening starch which gives you complete control over viscosityThere are many grades of Ultratex available, developed originally for large-scale food manufacture. MSK has tested and trialled a great many of them and selected two which we feel have characteristics ideally suited for the professional kitchen. Thicken a hot or cold sauceSince we launched MSK UltraTex it has become established inIf your sauce has the right taste but its just a little too thin, simply kitchens throughout the UK as the most versatile, easily dispersedsprinkle on MSK UltraTex. Your sauce will thicken as you whisk. instant thickener available. Using UltraTex Gold will provide a slight delay in the thickening action which reduces the risk of over-dosing.We now also offer UltraTex GOLD - an even higher functioningWhen thickening sauces, UltraTex:starch which requires a lower dosage rate and features a slightly-delayed action. does not require heat to thickenhas no after-taste and preserves the taste and colour of the Really Simple Fluid Gels original liquidSprinkle over a fruit or vegetable juice to the desired thickness.is easily dispersed and will not form lumps like other starchesAllow a few minutes for the UltraTex to fully hydrate. adds a smooth, creamy, glossy textureWhen making fluid gels, UltraTex: will not change from hot to coldwont skin up on the plate If you add a little too much UltraTex then you can bring your sauce prevents leeching or bleeding of the liquid back to the desired consistency by simply adding a little of the is freeze/thaw stable original mixture.Transparent & Glossy TuilesFluid gels can be dried or frozen into a thin sheet for garnish.Milk and Honey Tuile using Ultratex62 SAMPLES AVAILABLE on request'