b'Precision Cooking Temperature ControlledPressure SteamerOCOOThe ingenious OCOO is a temperature-controlled pressure cooker and steamer which allows for extremely precise control of all aspects of the cooking process.With its 15 fixed programs and a fully programmable setting, OCOO precisely controls temperature, time and pressure, delivering supertender textures impossible to achieve using any other technique.How does it work?Based on a traditional Korean double boiling technique called Gamasot, the OCOO cooks ingredients in a ceramic pot under a sealed pressure hood.Steam flows over the ingredients to cookDimensions: 35x35x40cm, Capacity: 2.5ltrthem without any need for stirring.The high pressure in the oven prevents water in the food from boiling, meaning that food doesOCOO, red (1 unit) MSK-7803 517.99not lose its shape, even after long cooking times, and the foodOCOO, black (1 unit) MSK-7907 517.99does not burn because of the high constant humidity. Because the steam cannot escape, it combines with and reinforces the aromas of the food so none of flavour is lost. Use the OCOO for:Caramelisation of ingredients without reduction or flavour lossCreating intense essences and extracts with unique flavour profilesSpeed up fermentation processes without compromising on flavour or textureConfit in syrups or fats, prepare pickles and preservesCaramelised white chocolatePreparing black garlic and other vegetables Aromatization wih liquid: maceration, infusions, extractsFermentation of dough, produce or dairy (yoghurt)Cooking legumes to perfectionClarified reductions, broths and consommsSoups and vegetable creamsPasteurizationWhat can you do with it?OCOO can be used and adapted to make hundreds of preparations; it gives unique results that would be virtually impossible to achieve any other way. Ocoo-Caramelized OCOO masters the techniques of pickling, preserve-making andWhite Chocolatefermentation. Depending on the final result you want to obtain, OCOO offers different programs for each purpose.You can make quick pickles in 1.30 hours, ferment yogurt or creams, in just 4 hours, doughs, vegetables and fruits. Prepare traditional long-fermented pastes such as Korean Gochujang or soybean paste in a matter of hours, rather than months. Fermentation begins in a controlled environment for a precise, regular and extremely safe food result.You can also use OCOO to pasteurize pots and jars, since its operation, among other features, is similar to a small autoclave oven.130 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'