b'GlasswareVegetalia CollectionInspired by the diversity of fruit shapes, this collection wakes up the senses and gives an original fresh touch to your drinks and creations.For the full range, please see 100x100chef.co.uk.Pineapple, 31x9x9cm, 60ml (1 unit) MSK-6812 57.49The Sea Breath CollectionInspired by sea shapes, this collection delves into the forms of corals and marine animals with the intention of contributing new presentations in both drinks and presentation of dishes.For the full range, please see 100x100chef.co.uk.Oyster Glass, 12x12x13cm, 70ml (1 unit) MSK-6816 37.09Sea Urchin, n7cm (int), 125ml (1 unit) MSK-6817 48.59174 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'