b'Whipping & FoamingFoam Kit DeluxeMake stable, consistent foams in seconds without needing a blender, with this clever time-saver from 100% Chef.The foam kit consists of an air compressor connected via a tube to a food-grade, easy-to-clean, stainless steel nozzle, and lets you make as much foam as you want with the push of a button, even with relatively small amounts of liquid.The easiest way to create foams and airsJust add any foaming agent or stabilizer to your liquid, eg MSK UltraFoam, lecithin or sugar ester. The compressor is operated by two batteries, so the device can be used anywhere. Foam Kit Deluxe (1 unit) MSK-4890 39.99Whipper Gun 1/2L MSK-2639 79.99 Thermo Whipper Plus MSK-3269 89.99 Charger Bulbs (60pk) MSK-2640 35.99Whipper Gun 1L MSK-2638 84.99 Soda Syphon MSK-3270 44.99 CO2 Charger Bulbs (60pk) MSK-2789 34.99138 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'