b'The Modern ChefSuperior functional ingredients for the modern kitchen60 Starter Kit 78 Foams & AirsEverything you need to enter the world of molecularCreate foams of varying densities using these gastronomy, including ingredients, tools and recipes. ingredients and techniques.62 MSK UltraTex 79 AcidsHigh performance, highly versatile, instant-thickeningNaturally season and enhance the flavours of a dish. starch. The essential ingredient for every kitchen. Prevent discolouration or oxidisation.64 MSK UltraLin 80 ThickenersA versatile alternative to sugar with 70% lowerThicken sauces to your preferred consistency without sweetness. compromising on flavour.65 MSK UltraWhip 81 StabilisersA superior vegan foaming agent perfect for canapsIce Cream and Sorbet Stabilisers create a luxuriously and toppings. smooth texture and mouth-feel, which remains stable at 66 MSK UltraGel room temperature for longer periods. An amazing vegan gelling agent with a soft texture and82 Tricks of the Tradesmooth mouthfeel. Food adhesives, crispy coatings and other tricks of the 68 MSK UltraMousse trade.A vegetarian setting agent for easy vegetarian mousses 83 Abzorbit68 MSK UltraFoam Mix with fats and oils to make a powder.An effective, natural foaming agent for creating long-lasting and attractive foam from liquids and sauces.69 MSK UltraSecMSK UltraSec turns virtually any liquid into a free-flowing powder.70 Heat-Resistant Firm Gel StructuresSome alternatives to gelatine and the many different types of gels that can be made by using them.72 Soft / Elastic GelsSimilar in texture to gelatine, but offering vegetarian ambient solutions.74 SpherificationTechniques, ingredients & tools for spherification and reverse spherification.76 Methocel Hot GelsMake soft, elastic, hot gels which melt in the mouth.77 Whipping & AerationCreate foams of varying densities using these ingredients and techniques.Call us for advice on: 01246 412211 59'