b'Salt PlatesSalt PlatesThese dusky pink Himalyan Salt Blocks offer an interesting and versatile way to season and serve food. They can accommodate an extremely wide range of temperature, from -196C to +350C and can hold that temperature for long periods of time.Rich in mineral salt, the blocks seasonor even curethe food served on them.Cure sashimi or fry scallops at the customers table. Chill in the freezer and use to serve ice cream or desserts which will blend well with the naturally saltiness of the plates.Salt plates are naturally non-porous and antibiotic. Heat gradually over a period of 30-45 minutes to avoid cracking. Wash with lukewarm water and store In a cool, dry place.Himalayan SupportHimalayan Support for 29cm Salt Block (1 unit) MSK-4546 39.99Himalayan KitSalt Plate Block Himalayan Kit MSK-4547 68.99(support, cooking fire & salt block) (1 unit)Salt Plate Block 29x21x4cm (1 unit) MSK-3097 31.89Marble Stand & FireMini Salt Plate BlocksHandcarved in Macael Marble and designed as a support to cook Mini Salt Plate 10x10x2cm (1 unit) MSK-3094 9.99 with Himalayan salt plates. Add table salt and liquid or gel alcohol in the base for about 10 minutes of flame.Mini Salt Plate 14x10x2cm (1 unit) MSK-3095 11.99 Size 15x10x12cm, suitable for use with our mini salt plates, MSK-3094 and 3095 (sold separately).Marble Stand & Fire (yellow) (1 unit) MSK-3096 52.69Marble Stand & Fire (blue) (1 unit) MSK-4548 52.69Marble Stand & Fire (grey) (1 unit) MSK-4549 52.69188 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'