b'Thickeners & StabilisersXanthan Gum KuzuThicken stocks, sauces, juices etc without masking any flavour. A Japanese starch Weak solutions of Xanthan Gum will allow the suspension ofused to thicken soups fruit caviar pearls or other small particles within a liquid. and sauces.Blend with Agar Agar, Kappa Carageenan or Methocel toAdd to thin liquids and bring strengthen very brittle gels or prevent leeching. to the boil. The liquid will thicken and Stabilise foams when using a cream whipper gun, these foamsbecome glossymay then be served cold or hot. Thickened liquids can be dried to produce glass-like crispsAdd to freeze/thaw mousse and parfait mixes to prevent iceKuzu crisps can be deep fried to puff like prawn crackerscrystals from forming.Kuzu (500g) MSK-3065 34.99Can also be used as a foaming agent to create denser foams with a glossy finish.Gum ArabicXanthan Gum (200g) MSK-0501 20.99 Subtly increase the viscosity of liquidsXanthan Gum - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3860 39.99 Strong adhesive properties make it a good food coating agentApplications Suspending agent. Flavour encapsulater. Sugar crystal inhibitor.Rate of Hydration RapidComments 100% cold water soluble.Colour Light to off white powderSolubility ColdPh Solubility 4.1 - 8.0Dosage Rates 1% - 2%Gum Arabic (20g) MSK-0503 7.99Guar GumGuar gum is a natural food thickener, similar to locust bean gum, which keeps ice cream smooth by preventing ice crystals.Locust Bean Gum Guar Gum (400g) MSK-3066 19.99Add to frozen products to prevent ice crystals forming and to improve mouth-feelA small amount added to a recipe can prevent leechingBlend with xanthan gum to create an extremely stretchy gelApplications Gels only in the presence of Xanthan Gum. Ice cream stabiliser.Low Ph sauces.Activation Requires heating to 85CComments Excellent water binding properties.Colour Light to off white powderSolubility HotPh Solubility 4.5 - 11Dosage Rates 0.5% - 2.0%Locust Bean Gum (200g) MSK-0647 9.9980 TRAINING AVAILABLE: see page 4'