b'Specialist SugarsThere are many different types of sugar on offer. Each type has its own particular characteristics and functions which in turn enable the creative chef to be innovative and forward thinking.Fructose GlycerineFructose is found in fruits and honey. It is the sweetest of allGlycerine is used to stop the liquid in soft fillings from escaping sugars, but contains only half the calories of sucrose, ie casterinto crisp crusts which would make them soggy. Glycerine sugar. Fructose has a natural and pure sweetness and lifts theis a viscous clear oily liquid, with a sweet taste. Glycerine is flavour of fruits. It may also be used to prevent graininess in icehydrophilic (water-loving) and is used to keep products such cream and to sweeten sauces, marinades and pickles. as dried fruits from getting too dry. Glycerine is about 25% less sweet than sugar, so it can reduce the sweetness in products that Fructose (500g) MSK-0812 9.99 require sugar for other reasons.Dextrose Glycerine (1kg) MSK-1163 21.99Dextrose is less sweet than ordinary sugar and is slow toIsomaltcrystallise. This feature makes the product ideal for use in ice creams and sorbets. It provides a superb frosted finish. Isomalt maintains a workable texture far longer than normal sugar and is a lot stronger. In addition Isomalt absorbs very little water, Dextrose (1kg) MSK-3827 21.99 which reduces stickiness and extends life.Isomalt has only 2 calories per gram and provides around half the sweetness of normal sugar. Isomalt is the best form of sugar to Xylitol use for sugar art work.Xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes likeIsomalt (500g) MSK-0499 9.99sugar. It is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables and is produced in small amounts by the humanIsomalt (1kg) MSK-0500 15.99body. Like several other sugar alcohols, it exhibits a cooling effect in the mouth. It can be used in exactly the same way as sugar, allowing you to produce sugar-free, diabetic-friendly desserts. MSK UltraLinNot strictly a sugar, UltraLin is perfect for use as a sugar Xylitol (1kg) MSK-1085 21.99 replacement, providing 70% less sweetness than sugar while delivering a similar profile and functionality. UltraLin can be used to replace sugar in savoury tuiles, meringues and even ice cream. See page 64 for more information and recipe ideas.MSK UltraLin (1kg) MSK-7807 22.75Isomalt LollipopsHeat isomalt to 165C with one of our MSK Flavour Burst Flavourings (see page 38) and allow to fully melt.Spoon onto a silpat and add the lollipop stick. Serve as they are or coat with MSK Sherbets or Crackle Crystals.White Lollipop Sticks MSK-0844 See page 210Call us on: 01246 412211 109'