b'MSK UltraMousse Plant-Based Snack Basket / Savoury Cup50g Amaranth Flour50g Gluten-Free Flour25g Cornflour10g Rice Flour2g MSK Egg-less5g MSK Flavour Enhancer1g Salt200g WaterMix all the dry ingredients together. Add the water and mix until fully combined. Allow the batter to settle for a few minutes before using.Heat the fryer to 180C and heat the mould in the oil.Spray the mould with release spray, then dip the hot mould into the batter to coat, for 3-5 seconds.Immerse the mould fully into the hot oil and hold beneath the surface for at least 20 seconds before lifting.Use a tweezer to loosen the cup slightly if necessary, then continue to fry until slightly golden.Remove from the mould and re-spray the mould before continuing on to the next cup.MSK UltraMousseThe simple solution for vegetarian gelatine-free mousses, MSK UltraMousse comes in a powder form and is easily dispersible in cream. Once aerated this then forms a wonderfully light, smooth and stable mousse. MSK UltraMousse (1kg) MSK-7966 24.99Matcha and Yuzu Mousse7g Matcha & Yuzu powder blend100g Natural Yoghurt150g Whipping Cream27g MSK UltraMousse30g SugarIn a mixing bowl combine the yoghurt, matcha and yuzu powder and sugar, stir well and set to one side. In a separate bowl, combine the whipping cream and the UltraMousse. Whisk together using a hand whisk until the mixture thickens to a soft peak.Add the yoghurt mixture into the cream and mix until fully combined. Pour the mousse into the desired moulds and place in the freezer 56 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'