b'Flavouring CompoundsA range of exceptionally high quality naturalflavours that have superb texture and colourA premium collection of the finest pastes gathered from across the globe containing pure natural ingredients and extracts which deliver a true, rich flavour, vibrant colour and superb texture. These highly concentrated compounds can be used to flavour anything from fillings, creams, ice creams and ganaches to sorbets and cocktails. Flavour to taste: approximately 3-5%.Fruits & Berries NutsApple (Bright400g MSK-7780 19.99 Peach 400g MSK-0516 19.99 Almond 400g MSK-0602 24.99Green) 1kg MSK-7074 37.99 1kg MSK-7058 47.991kg MSK-7781 37.99 Pear 400g MSK-0887 19.99 Chestnut 400g MSK-0920 19.99Banana 400g MSK-0506 19.99 1kg MSK-7048 37.99 1kg MSK-7042 37.991kg MSK-7061 37.99 Pink Grapefruit 400g MSK-0888 19.99 Coconut 400g MSK-0921 19.99Blackberry 400g MSK-3761 19.99 1kg MSK-7049 37.99 1kg MSK-7043 37.991kg MSK-7088 37.99 Raspberry 400g MSK-0521 19.99 Hazelnut 400g MSK-0600 24.99Blackcurrant 400g MSK-3757 19.99 1kg MSK-7079 37.99 1kg MSK-7069 47.991kg MSK-7089 37.99 Rhubarb 1kg MSK-3450 39.99 Peanut 400g MSK-3373 24.99Blueberry 400g MSK-0886 19.99 1kg MSK-7075 49.991kg MSK-7039 37.99 Sour Cherry 400g MSK-0522 19.99 Pistachio 400g MSK-0603 47.99Cherry 400g MSK-1253 19.99 1kg MSK-7080 37.99 1kg MSK-7077 99.991kg MSK-7054 37.99 Strawberry 400g MSK-1254 19.99 Walnut 400g MSK-1262 24.99Cranberry 400g MSK-2653 19.99 1kg MSK-7051 37.99 1kg MSK-7085 49.991kg MSK-7092 37.99 Tangerine 400g MSK-0885 19.99Fruits of the1kg MSK-7052 37.99Forest 400g MSK-0510 19.99 FlowersWild Strawberry 400g MSK-0526 19.991kg MSK-7068 37.99 1kg MSK-7087 37.99 English Rose 400g MSK-0520 19.99Lemon 400g MSK-0511 19.99 1kg MSK-7066 37.991kg MSK-7070 37.99Mango 400g MSK-0512 19.99 Herbs & Spices1kg MSK-7046 37.99 Ginger 400g MSK-2654 19.99Orange 400g MSK-0883 19.99 1kg MSK-7094 37.991kg MSK-7047 37.99 Liquorice 400g MSK-0919 19.99Passion Fruit 400g MSK-7460 19.99 1kg MSK-7045 37.991kg MSK-7461 37.99 Mint Green 400g MSK-0514 19.991kg MSK-7072 37.99Vanilla 400g MSK-0882 19.991kg MSK-7084 37.9944 MULTI-BUY OFFERS available on many flavours'