b'Liquid Nitrogen & Dry Ice CookingNitro GlassAn individual, double chamber mini bowl that is perfect for preparing ice cream and sorbets with liquid nitrogen in front of the customer. Diameter: 9 cm. Capacity: 75 mlNitro Glass 9cm, 75ml MSK-3071 25.59Nitro BowlThe Nitro Bowl is a glass bowl with a double thermal chamber. Perfect for preparing cocktails, ice creams and sorbets with liquid nitrogen in front of the customer.Available in 3 sizes: Large (18cm diameter), Medium (13cm diameter) and Small (8cm diameter).Nitro Bowl Large18cm MSK-3070 63.89Nitro Bowl Medium13cm MSK-3072 44.99Nitro Bowl Small8cm MSK-3073 31.99Nitro Bowl XXLThe Nitro Bowl XXL is a giant version of the Nitro Bowl designed for catering or events which call for dry ice or liquid nitrogen work in larger capacities.Diameter: 22 cm. Capacity: 2.5 litres.Nitro Bowl XXL,22cm, 2.5l MSK-4537 121.39128 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'