b'Liquid Nitrogen & Dry Ice CookingLiquid nitrogen has become an essential tool in manyExtra Griddle for Teppan Nitrokitchens. Its uses range from flash freezing ice creamsMSK-4538and liquid centred meringues to elaborate hollow spheres that can be used to enhance dishes or serve creative cocktails.The use of liquid nitrogen opens a whole new world of possibilities for the adventurous chef.Teppan NitroThe teppan nitro container is a dual chamber container. The dual chamber system allows the user to freeze fry on the nitro griddle while the second chamber can be used for poaching. Insulated to prevent excessive nitrogen consumptionNitro griddle can reach extremely low tempertaturesWork safely as the exterior of the box can easily beDimensions: 270 x 210 mmhandled whilst the nitrogen is insideTeppan Nitro, 27x21cm, 3.5ltr (1 unit) MSK-3057 220.49Extra Griddle (1 unit) MSK-4538 146.99Mini Teppan Nitro The teppan nitro allows you to work safely with liquid nitrogen The mini teppan nitro can reach a temperature of -100C in asat the customers table. By working at this low temperature, the little as two minutes. It is secure, fully insulated, lightweight andproduct does not stick to the plate, allowing you to work with all shock-resistant. Dimensions: 12x12x8cm. liquids, foams, mousses, pastries, etc.Mini Teppan Nitro, 300ml (1 unit) MSK-3075 63.89Marble presentation case (1 unit) MSK-4854 113.79126 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'