b'Kitchen Tools & Accessories60mm MSK-0893 50mm MSK-089840mm Clear Acetate SheetsMSK-3498for Chocolate WorkAcetate StripsClear Acetate Sheets 60 micronMSK-3518 29.99600mm x 400mm (100pk) Acetate Strip 25mm (100m roll) MSK-1840 19.99PVC Sheets (150 microns)MSK-6958 54.99400mm x 300mm (100pk) Acetate Strip 30mm (100m roll) MSK-1841 19.99PVC Sheets (150 microns)MSK-6959 79.99 Acetate Strip 35mm (100m roll) MSK-1842 19.99600mm x 400mm (100pk)PVC Sheets (130 microns)MSK-1851 21.99 Acetate Strip 40mm (100m roll) MSK-3498 19.99600mm x 400mm (50pk) Acetate Strip 45mm (100m roll) MSK-1839 19.99Acetate Strip 50mm (100m roll) MSK-0898 19.99Acetate Strip 60mm (100m roll) MSK-0893 19.99MatferScoopScoop Pastry BrushMSK-2636 MSK-6649Matfer Pastry Brush (40mm) (2pk) MSK-2649 13.99 Scoop MSK-6650Scoop MSK-6651Scoop MSK-2637Stainless Steel Peeler Ice Cream ScoopsStainless Steel Peeler (3pk) MSK-3801 9.99 Ice Cream Scoop 1/20L (1 unit) MSK-2636 29.99Ice Cream Scoop 1/24L (1 unit) MSK-2637 29.99Ice-Cream Scoop4.3cm (1 unit) MSK-6649 24.99Ice-Cream Scoop3.7cm (1 unit) MSK-6650 24.99Ice-Cream Scoop3.3cm (1 unit) MSK-6651 24.99Shaker Dosing Spoons Shaker (1 unit) MSK-3365 9.99Dosing Spoons Set of 4 (1 unit) MSK-2498 9.99Muslin SquaresThese muslin squares are 61cm square and are machined to Disposableprovide a hemmed border. The border enables the Muslin to be Piping Bagswashed and re-used, unlike cheaper alternatives.Disposable Piping Bags (51 x 26cm) (100pk) MSK-3515 19.99 Muslin Squares 61x61cm (10pk) MSK-0579 29.99Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 167'