b'Kitchen Tools & AccessoriesLotus SpoonsLong-handled spoons with draining holes designed for collecting caviar pearls and reverse-spherified droplets from their liquid baths.Lotus Spoon (Stainless Steel) (2pk) MSK-3031 9.99Lotus Spoon Gold (1 unit) MSK-6803 17.89Brass Cup MouldLong-handled mould for dipping batter into hot oil to make snack cups and savoury cupcakes.Brass Cup Mould (1 unit) MSK-8156 34.99Egg Top CuttersDrill and cut hen or quail egg tops without breaking the shell, for a perfect finish.Egg Top Cutter for Hen Eggs (1 unit) MSK-3282 16.99Egg Top Cutter for Quail Eggs (1 unit) MSK-3283 16.99Brulee Professional Culinary BlowtorchCulinary blowtorch made to flamb, caramelize, burn feathers of poultry, finishBlack Light Torchtatakis or light small charcoal barbecues.Ideal for detecting small pieces of crab shell Compatible with any butane gas can. or fish bones, etc, in stuffings, farces or hash. Secure, precise and handy, it ensures aShells and fish bones contain fluorescent constant power and precision. elements that will glow under blacklight, making it easier to find and remove them.Brulee Blowtorch (1 unit) MSK-1480 15.29 Black Light (1 unit) MSK-1481 15.29166 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'