b'Yoghurt PotsYoghurt PotsYoghurt Pots - Glass, 6x7cm, 120ml (100pk) MSK-3148 45.99Yoghurt Pots - Glass, 7x10cm, 400ml (36pk) MSK-3150 82.79Thermo Seal CoversFor sealing yoghurt pots - just heat with an iron.Thermo Seal Covers for 120ml Pots (750pk) MSK-3149 49.89Thermo Seal Covers for 400ml Pots (750pk) MSK-3151 58.79Logo ReliefAdd your company name or logo to your products.Logo Relief (1 unit) MSK-3153 121.39Mini Thermic Glass & Bowl Set Mini Cover and Plate Double-layerd borosilicate glass with matching presentation bowl to fit inside (as shown). Mini Cover and Plate 8.5cm (1 unit) MSK-3178 9.99Mini Thermic Glass, 6.5x7cm, 80ml (6pk) MSK-3173 34.99Mini Bowl, 6x3.5cm, 30ml (6pk) MSK-3172 19.99 Mini Thermic Glass (straight-sided) Mini Thermic Glass & Bowl Set (6pk) MSK-3174 54.99 Mini Thermic Glass 5.5x5.5cm, 30ml (1 unit) MSK-3179 6.99184 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'