b'Heat-Resistant Firm Gels The following pages show some alternatives to gelatine and the many different types of gels that can be made by using them. Some of these gels can be served at very high temperatures. They can all be flavoured and coloured and each one has its own unique texture. Call us for any help or advice.Gellan Gum FMake heat resistant firm gels which may be served hot or on a hot dish.Change the texture and viscosity of liquids to create fluid gels for sauces.Turn fruit and vegetable juices into smooth stable pures that can then be made into crispy tuilles.Add to sorbet mixes to produce heat stable sorbets that can be flamed at the tableGellan Gum F gels are beautifully clear and have a firm texture. They are heat resistant to 120 C, therefore not only will they withstand temperatures in the hottest kitchens but they can be heated and served hot! Gellan Gum F gels have a non-adhesive texture and are therefore very easy to handle.Applications Heat resistant gels. Heat stable gels. Suspending Agent. ThickenerActivation Requires heating to 100 CGel Strength Combining Gellan F with other gelling agents such as Gellan LT 100 yields a wider selection of strengths and texturesColour White powderSolubility HotPh Solubility 3.5 - 8.0Dosage Rates 0.1% - 2.0%Gellan Gum F (200g) MSK-1181 24.49Gellan Gum F - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3851 99.99Flaming Sorbet using Gellan Gum70 SAMPLES AVAILABLE on request'