b'Finishing TouchesVelvet Effect Cocoa Butter SpraysSpray onto frozen mousses, parfaits or ice cream for a decorative, velvet-effect finishRed (250ml) White (250ml) Green (250ml) Gold (250ml)MSK-7686 29.99 MSK-7687 29.99 MSK-7688 29.99 MSK-1443 29.99Black (250ml) Yellow (250ml) Brown (250ml) Silver (250ml)MSK-7689 29.99 MSK-7690 29.99 MSK-7691 29.99 MSK-1444 29.99Edible GlitterA great range of fully edible glitters which bounce light to fantastic effect! Vegetarian, GM and Nut-free. Many more colours are available but lead times and MOQs will apply.Small, flat particle size Most realistic Edible Glitter Easy to use availableSoluble in water Other colours to order Gold (20g)MSK-7504 9.99Bronze (20g) Silver (20g) Red (20g) Holly Green (20g)MSK-7502 9.99 MSK-7519 9.99 MSK-7516 9.99 MSK-7506 9.99Purple (20g) Sapphire Blue (20g) White (20g) Black (20g)MSK-7515 9.99 MSK-7518 9.99 MSK-7522 9.99 MSK-7501 9.99122 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'