b'Tricks of the TradeProtein Glue (Transglutaminase)Build terrines from fish or meat trim which will slice perfectly every timeSeal stuffing inside chicken breastsguaranteed not toleak outCreate prawn noodles using fresh prawn meatReduce waste by simply gluing fillet ends together with a permanent invisible sealProtein Glue Transglutaminase (1kg) MSK-0925 99.99Crytex CrispitA starch specifically designed to provide a firm structure andA natural fibre designed to produce extra crunchy batters and texture to products. tempuras.Crytex acts as a protective barrier against oil in batter coatings Simply replace up to 40% of your flour content with crispit for It can be added to fruit or vegetable pures, which will then dryperfectly crisp batters.to a crisp, glass-like textureAdd to pastry and biscuits for an extra crunch Crispit (4kg) MSK-5038 44.99Perfect for extra crispy tuillesCrytex (300g) MSK-3861 19.9982 SAMPLES AVAILABLE on request'