b'Dehydrator & Wet Grinder48.3cm31.8cm The Excalibur DehydratorHorizontal airflow provides even drying.Drying is fast and heat is not lost as the dehydrator doesnt need to be taken apart to change the tray sequence.One or all trays may be removed making space for larger items such as whole fruit.Easy to clean.26 hour automatic timer.Flexible mesh tray inserts hold food above the tray frames.The adjustable thermostat (85-145F) allows perfect drying every time and the square tray design increases drying area 31.8cm 9 over standard dehydrators with round trays. Polycarbonate drying trays come as standard and are dishwasher safe.Available with 9 trays of 15x15 or 4 trays 15x 15or The Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator (1 unit) MSK-2785 299.994 The Excalibur 4 Tray Dehydrator (1 unit) MSK-5033 259.99Dehydrator Drying SheetsDehydrator Paraflex Drying Sheet (1 unit) MSK-2791 9.99Professional Candy Floss MachineThe Super-Pro Candy Floss Machine is designed for making candy floss in a busy restaurant environment.They are capable of using different types of sugar (granulated, isomalt, etc,) by changing the position of the sugar spin.Super Pro (1 unit) MSK-4929 413.39Sugar Spin (Spare Part) (1 unit) MSK-3037 22.99Dumpling Makers (set of 4) MSK-4891 10.19Call us on: 01246 412211 135'