b'TakeawayTakeaway ConesLaminated cardboard cones for serving fried snacks in white, black, gold, silver and newspaper print.Small Cones: high side 130mm, low side 95mm,65 mm.Large Cones: high side 160 mm, low side 105 mm,90 mm.White Cardboard Cone (small) (100pk) MSK-4589 21.99White Cardboard Cone (large) (100pk) MSK-4590 23.09Black Cardboard Cone (small) (100pk) MSK-6762 22.49Black Cardboard Cone (large) (100pk) MSK-6763 24.99Gold Cardboard Cone (small) (100pk) MSK-6764 22.49Gold Cardboard Cone (large) (100pk) MSK-6765 24.99Silver Cardboard Cone (small) (100pk) MSK-6766 22.49Silver Cardboard Cone (large) (100pk) MSK-6767 24.99Newspaper Print Cardboard Cone (small) (100pk) MSK-4594 22.49Newspaper Print Cardboard Cone (large) (100pk) MSK-4595 24.99Cardboard StrawsLaminated and biodegradable stripey straws!Straw (red) 19.5cm x0.6cm (100pk) MSK-4596 17.99Straw (blue) 19.5cm x0.6cm (100pk) MSK-4597 17.99Straw (green) 19.5cm x0.6cm (100pk) MSK-4598 17.99Straw (orange) 19.5cm x0.6cm (100pk) MSK-4599 17.99Straw (yellow) 19.5cm x0.6cm (100pk) MSK-4600 17.99Straw (pink) 19.5cm x0.6cm (100pk) MSK-4601 17.99196 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'