b'GlasswareMSK-4404MSK-4405MSK-6827Freezer Stirrers Thermo Bottle Glass stirrers with a thermal reservoir which can be safely frozenDouble-layered borosilicate glass bottles. Resistant to cold and used to stir and cool a drink.In the shape of an olive or annitrogen. Made to serve juices, liqueurs or spirits.ice cube. Thermo Bottle, 8x39cm, 750 ml (1 unit) MSK-4404 68.39Dry Martini Olive Freezer Stirrer, 10cm (3pk) MSK-6827 48.59 Thermo Bottle, 8x30cm, 500 ml (1 unit) MSK-4405 60.09Ice Cube Freezer Stirrer, 16cm (2pk) MSK-1491 30.69Mix & Dry KitAdd gas and glamour to your cocktails using this dry ice stirrer and boroslicate bar spoon set. The stirrer has a chamber for a dry ice pellet, which creates a dry ice fog while you stir. It can also be made to infuse by adding herbs, citrus peels, flowers, etc, adding touches of flavour and colour to any cocktail.Mix & Dry Kit, 29cm (spoon and stirrer) (1 unit) MSK-1492 48.59Gallon Mixing Glass, 11x26cm, 2.5ltr (1 unit) MSK-1493 83.09Gallon Mixing Glass Ice Cube Stirrer Dry Ice StirrerEmail us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 179'