b'Speciality Sugar & CaramelPanela Wild Sugar (1kg) Wild Madagascan Sugar (1kg) Brule Sugar (1kg)MSK-7104 14.99 MSK-6710 19.99 MSK-1875 16.99Unrefined Colombian sugar from caneUnrefined Madagascan sugar made fromPre-caramelized sugar.Simply sprinkle on juice.Panelas unique method ofcane juice. Buttery, with top notes oftop of desserts and torch to create a thin production gives it a mild and naturallyliquorice, it has an incomparable flavourand even caramel crust.fruity, toffee flavour. and a distinctive caramel colour.Salted Caramel Pieces (1kg) Salted Caramel Paste (1kg) Black Pepper Caramel Flakes (500g)MSK-7797 24.99 MSK-6707 24.99 MSK-1815 15.99Made with pure butter from Isigny AOC,Rich indulgent caramel paste made withSalted Caramel Flakes with a kick of black these delicious salted caramel piecessalted butter from Isigny AOC. pepper.add incredible flavour and texture to your dishes.Pain DEpicesFrench gingerbread-style spice cakeSalted Caramel Pieces ground to a crumb and dried. Perfect for& Salted Caramel Paste adding a crunch to desserts. with Gold LeafPain DEpices (2kg)MSK-6724 29.99Paillette FeuilletineFinely crumbled pure-butter crpe pieces.Paillette Feuilletine (2kg)MSK-5139 23.9914 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'