b'Vacuum toolsVortexAchieve impossibly smooth and bubble-free textures, emulsions and juices in a vacuum. Mix cold measures of gluconate, lactate, alginate, xanthan gum, jelly, oils and stabilizers, etc.Texturize up to one litre of product with little effort.Vacuum created with separate external vacuum. Maximum capacity: 1LMinimum capacity: 0.5LCompatible with 230V/110V, 3000RPMDimensions: 19 x 21 x 29 cmVortex (1 unit) MSK-6806 435.49Vacuum ProThe Vacuum Pro compact double cycle vacuum pump from 100% Chef is powerful but very quiet. Practical, portable and handy, use it to perform any vacuum technique, wherever in the kitchen you are, with any suitable container.Use it for sealing sous-vide dishes, dehydrating flowers, spices or biscuits, aerating chcolate, and many other vacuum techniques.Works perfectly with other 100% products:create floral waters and essences with the microwave distillerperfect your smooth sauces with the Vortex magnetic stirrerinfuse delicious cocktails with the vacuum infusion flaskfill up pipettes within seconds with Spider PipetteVacuum Pro is equipped with a 1-Meter silicone connection tube compatible with any 100% Chef valve and most valve brands on the market. Replacement connector, gasket and oil available on request.Essential for small restaurants or tiny spacesVacuum Pro (1 unit) MSK-1482 714.19132 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'