b'ChardonnaySiestaServing GlassesStylized glasses for serving small dishes.Made of borosilicate, they are resistant to extremes of heat and cold and can withstand knocks with cutlery.Dry Martini with handle, 11x21cm, 60ml (1 unit) MSK-4414 30.39Dry Martini without handle, 11x21cm, 60ml (1 unit) MSK-4415 29.09Bourgogne with handle, 10x23cm, 350ml (1 unit) MSK-4419 28.79 BourgogneBourgogne without handle 10x23cm 350ml (1 unit) MSK-4420 27.49 Dry MartiniChardonnay with handle, 8x23cm, 325ml (1 unit) MSK-4540 28.79Chardonnay without handle 8x23cm 325ml (1 unit) MSK-4541 27.49Siesta, 8x22cm, 350ml (1 unit) MSK-4418 32.891/2 Cocktail GlassesPerfect for amuse bouches and molecular cocktails.Apetizer Mini 8x8x7cm, 110ml (2pk) MSK-6825 26.79 AppetizerAppetizer 8x8x16cm, 110ml (1 unit) MSK-4416 19.99 Sour MargaritaRetro Cup 9x9x7cm, 170ml (1 unit) MSK-6826 27.49Test Tube Glass, 3x25cm, 60ml (2pk) MSK-6820 26.79 PassionTest Tube Meter Glass, 3x25cm, 60ml (2pk) MSK-6821 33.19Martini 10x10x16cm, 125ml (2pk) MSK-6822 52.39Passion 7x7x16cm, 125ml (2pk) MSK-6823 38.29Margarita 8x8x16cm, 100ml (2pk) MSK-6819 38.29Sour 6x6x16cm, 100ml (2pk) MSK-6824 38.29 Test Tube GlassesAppetizer MiniMartiniRetro CupCall us on: 01246 412211 177'