b'SpherificationCaviar BoxThe caviar box is the perfect accessory for spherification. It allows you to create large quantities of liquid caviar drops, effortlessly and with great precision. Ideal for cocktail bars, restaurants and banqueting.Caviar Box (1 unit) MSK-3029 95.89Silicone Replacement for Caviar Box (3pk) MSK-3030 15.29Reverse SpherifierA dispenser kit for reverse or direct spherification. The reverse spherifier has been developed to facilitate the creation of small liquid spheres in 3 different diameters with minimal effort. The dispenser will produce soft liquid drops at a rate of up to 100 drops per minute (depending on size). This system allows liquid pearls to develop well in advance without hardening, and to provide pearls for mis en place with perfect flavour. Kit includes:Dispenser bottle (0.5 litres)Three nozzles: 6,8 and 10 mmLotus spoonReverse Spherifier Dispenser Kit (1 unit) MSK-6805 49.89Lotus Spoon (2pk) MSK-3031 9.99Imitation Caviar Tin,7.5cm, 30ml (12pk) MSK-3103 38.29Plain Gold Caviar Tin,7.5cm, 30ml (12pk) MSK-3104 29.99Call us on: 01246 412211 137'