b'Liquid Nitrogen & Dry Ice CookingDry Ice CondensorProduce your own dry ice simply and instantly with this simple device, which fits on to a standard liquid CO2 container and creates snow-like dry ice which can be used as it is or compacted into tablets. Use it to create fantastic visual effects and reactions or to fume and carbonate drinks.CO2 - Dry Ice Condensor MSK-4536 232.79Nitro Jug Dewar FlaskStainless steel jug with a pyrex glass interior, designed to storeAn elegant dish shaped dewar flask which comes in a structured liquid nitrogen safely. The sleek design makes it perfect for use inaluminium finish. Perfect for use in the dining room and in cocktail even the most sophisticated dining rooms. The lid is designed tobars to store liquid nitrogen, dry ice and other coolants.ensure that the expanding liquid nitrogen gas can escape without risk. Nitro Jug 0.6L MSK-5450 172.69Nitro Jug 1L MSK-5451 179.69 Dewar Flask 3ltr, int. dia. 20cm MSK-3058 771.79Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 127'