b'KnivesSakai Takayuki KnivesSakai Takayuki have been producing hand forged knives in much the same traditional way for more than 600 years. Sakai hasSakai Takayuki VG10 33 Layer Damascus Steel Butchers always been the home of traditional sword craftsmanship andKnife / Japanese Chefs Knife 210mmSakai Takayuki have grown to become one of the most well known and respected knife makers A Butchers Knife can be something hard to find in Japan but East meets West with this beautiful line of hammered DamascusNew for 2018 we believe we have found Just that. With all the knives. 33 layers of steel are folded and wrapped around aJapanese styling and VG10 Steel this knife really packs a punch. VG10 core to provide a superior cutting experience. VG10 is oneIdeal for carving the Sunday Roast or adventurous BBQ, this of the best steels used for kitchen knives due to its hardnessversatile hybrid is also the right size to be used for chopping and (HRC61) resulting in superior edge retention, sharpness anddicing.stain resistance. The layered Damascus steel makes the bladeSteel Type: VG10 33 Layer Damascuseasier to sharpen and provides a shock absorbing element andBlade Type: Double edged bladebeautiful aesthetic whilst the exposed edge is the sharpest thatBlade Length: 210mm can be manufactured. It is hand hammered to further strengthenBlade Thickness: 2.0mm the blade and each knife is hand sharpened, fitted with a stylishBlade Height: 46mm mahogany handle. Handle Length: 118mm Sakai Takayuki Hammered 33 Layers Damascus VG10Weight: 191gPetty / Paring Knife 150mmJapanese paring knife ideal for delicate work150mm BladeVG10 coreDouble BevelFull Tang Butcher / Japanese Chef Knife 210mm MSK-1714 230Mahogany handleSakai Takayuki Kiritsuke 270mm Slicing / Carving KnifeShaped in the traditional style of the Japanese Katana or Samurai sword, this is the ultimate knife for carving large roasts or thinly slicing fish.Sakai Takayuki Petty / Paring Knife 150mm MSK-1712 135 A massive 270mm of VG10 Steel, clad in beautiful Damascus, will effortlessly slice your roast wafer thin - Sundays lunch will never Sakai Takayuki Kengata SantokuKnife 160mm be the same again!Shaped in the same way as the traditional Katana this is anVG10 Steel Coreextroidinary knife with many of the properties of a santoku and33 Layer Damascusthe advantage of an angled tip. An extremely versatile knife with aFull Tangnumber of uses. Double BevelSuper sharp VG10 Steel Core Mahogany Handle33 Layered Hammered Damascus Mahogany Handle160mm Blade2mm SpineHRC 60270mmKiritsuke 270mm Slicing / Carving Knife MSK-1715 245Santoku Knife 160mm MSK-1713 195Call us on: 01246 412211 143'