b'Nuts, Seeds & Praline PastesFine NutsSome of the finest nuts available, the Piedmont Hazenut, Avola Almonds and Persian Pistachios.Roasted Piedmont Hazelnuts 13-15mm (1kg) Blanched Avola Almonds (1kg) Peeled Green Persian Pistachios (500g)MSK-6687 39.99 MSK-6698 39.99 MSK-1531 29.99The Piedmont hazelnut is one of the finestFine bittersweet almonds grown at the footPersian Pistachios have long had a varieties of hazelnut. Beautifully round,of Mount Etna, known for their superiorreputation for being the finest available. with a gentle, rich flavour and a high oilflavour. These stunning nuts are perfect forOpened, blanched and dried, these nuts content. Popular for use in confectionery. both sweet and savoury dishes have a rich taste and no bitternessNut PastesExquisite nut pastes from Belgium made with fine Piedmont Hazelnuts and Avola AlmondsPiedmont Hazelnut Praline Paste,Caramelised Hazelnut PralineCaramelised Hazelnut PralineAvola Almond Praline Paste, 100% (1kg) Paste, 70% (1kg) Paste, 50% (1kg) 100% (1kg)MSK-7851 42.99 MSK-7852 39.99 MSK-6691 34.99 MSK-7853 39.99Caramelised Nuts & SeedsThese spectacular caramelised nuts and seeds are a real treat,Vegan Apple Franjipane but to ensure freshness, they are special order only.Please allowwith Caramelized at least two weeks for delivery. Avola AlmondsHoney Caramelised AlmondHoney Caramelised Sunflower Slivers (500g) Kernels (500g)MSK-7872 19.99 MSK-7873 19.99Honey Caramelised PumpkinHoney Caramelised Sesame Kernels (500g) Seeds (500g)MSK-7874 19.99 MSK-7875 19.99Call us on: 01246 412211 15'