b'Pipettes Straight Pipettes 4.5ml/155mm (50pk) MSK-3154 9.99Conical Pipettes 5ml/155mm (50pk) MSK-3155 9.99Mini Pipettes 1.2ml/60mm (50pk) MSK-3156 9.99Egg ShellsReal, pre-topped egg shells; the perfect serving vessel for scrambled eggs, crme brulee or perhaps something more novel such as a mango and coconut egg!Indoor FireworksEgg Shells (white) (300pk) MSK-3448 149.99Egg Shells (brown) (300pk) MSK-7246 149.99 Dessert Fountain (36pk) MSK-2648 49.99Egg Shells (golden) (300pk) MSK-7249 261.00 Silver Indoor Mini Sparklers (25pk) MSK-0485 16.99MSK-7249 Golden Egg ShellsCall us on: 01246 412211 207'