b'Gin & Tonic ConceptMake your own with the Gin & Tonic Concept!Emboss your logo on the label with our logo relief: see page 184Bottle your own drinks in-house with the Gin & Tonic range.Glass bottles, colourful caps and labels and a choice of handheld or counter top bottle sealers allow you to create and serve innovative, tasty bottled beverages to order.The self-adhesive metallic labels can be embossed using the 100% Chef Logo Relief (page 160) in three different sizes to fully customise your bottles.The full 100% range includes champagne bottles and corks as well.Please visit 100x100chef.co.uk for more.Glass Bottles LabelsGinTonic Glass Bottles, 5x18cm, 200ml (24pk) MSK-4430 19.99 Round Self-Adhesive Gold Label (250pk) MSK-4436 19.99Round Self-Adhesive Green Label (250pk) MSK-4437 19.99Bottle Tops Round Self-Adhesive Red Label (250pk) MSK-4438 19.99GinTonic Gold Bottle Cap (100pk) MSK-4432 5.99 Round Self-Adhesive Silver Label (250pk) MSK-4439 19.99GinTonic Green Bottle Cap (100pk) MSK-4433 5.99GinTonic Red Bottle Cap (100pk) MSK-4434 5.99 Bottle SealersGinTonic Silver Bottle Cap (100pk) MSK-4435 5.99 Bottle Capper, 34x7x9cm (1 unit) MSK-4431 29.99Sealing Press, 60x20x20cm (1 unit) MSK-4875 51.59Call us on: 01246 412211 181'