b'TakeawayPizza boxesTraditional-style pizza boxes for mini-pizzas, starters or tasting plates, along with a greaseproof gingham tablecloth which fits the larger box or can be used on its own.Mini Pizza 9x9x2cm (Disassembled) (100pk) MSK-4591 16.99Mini Pizza 9x9x2cm (Assembled) (100pk) MSK-4592 31.99Maxi Pizza & Tablecloths (11x11x2cm) (100pk) MSK-6769 19.99Miniature Tablecloth (11x11cm) (500pk) MSK-6770 13.99KalippoLaminated paper mini-cones with heat sealable aluminum foil caps. A novel way to present your ice creams! Mini Snack BoxesIdeal for popcorn, jellies, ice cream or cupcakes, etc. Made of laminated polyethylene coated cardboard, perfectKalippo, 70ml - White, 4x11cm (100pk) MSK-3161 29.99for serving foods containing liquids or oilsKalippo, 70ml - Black, 4x11cm (100pk) MSK-3162 29.99up to 130CRound Snack Box 5x4.5cm (blue) (100pk) MSK-4604 14.99Round Snack Box 5x4.5cm (pink) (100pk) MSK-4605 14.99Square Snack Box 4x4x6cm (blue) (100pk) MSK-4602 15.99Square Snack Box 4x4x6cm (pink) (100pk) MSK-4603 15.99Popcorn Box 7x7x7cm (100pk) MSK-1734 18.29198 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'