b'Tricks of the TradeAbzorbit MSK UltraSecMix with fats and oils to make a powder MSK UltraSec Savoury has been specifically engineered to turn Create a white chocolate powder to garnish desserts or to coatalmost any liquid into a powder form. UltraSec works best with truffles strong or intense flavours to retain the essential character of taste Turn olive oil to powder and sprinkle over salads while delivering innovation and interest to canap and savoury Pan fry truffle oil powder for a crispy truffle ball garnish dishes. Abzorbit (500g) MSK-1055 32.99 MSK UltraSec Savoury (1kg) MSK-2494 39.99Film Powder MaltodextrinCreate many textures, colours and flavours of edible paper. Blend with gums and jelling agents to ensure they disperse The paper can then be used as a wrapping for sweets, jellies andeasily when put in a liquid.lollypops or to garnish canaps, petite fours, desserts, cakes andAs the product is not sweet, it can be used as a replacement for even cocktails sugar in a savoury ice cream or sorbet.Film Powder (200g) MSK-1694 19.99 Maltodextrin (1kg) MSK-1675 14.99Maltodextrin (5kg) MSK-1676 29.99Lactose PowderLactose is a sugar found in milk and used mainly for its lowTitanium Dioxidesweetening properties. (It is about 80% less sweet than sugar). A naturally occurring mineral used as a whitening agent for food.Lactose can be used as a texturiser for savoury tuiles, to brown baked goods, and in solution to crystallise fruits and flowers. Titanium Dioxide (500g) MSK-2849 19.99Lactose Powder (1kg) MSK-3914 12.99 Egg White PowderCarbon Black Dried, cooked egg white powder for superior foaming and stability. Can be added to souffles or macaroon mixes for added stability.Produced from carbonised vegetables, carbon black is used to produce a black or grey appearance to ashes or coatings. Egg White Powder (300g) MSK-5041 14.99Carbon Black can be used with Lactose Powder to create dishes such as the Mugaritz-famous Edible Stones.Carbon Black (200g) MSK-3911 14.99Call us for advice on: 01246 412211 83'