b'Smoke FlavoursAladn Fine Wood ChipsThese fine-grade natural wood chips from 100% Chef areBeech Liquid especially created to work best with the Aladn smoking guns. Hickory LiquidSmoke Extract They are made from timbers selected for their smoking properties,Smoke ExtractMSK-2555enhancing and strengthening the natural flavour of your dishes,MSK-0129with a low amount of residual resin.When smoking, you should try to achieve a slow burn with a low temperature and no flame.Keep your sawdust lightly moist through, and away from strong air-flows which would increase the burn rate.Jack Daniels Fine Wood Chips (2 x 80g) MSK-6983 13.99Oak Fine Wood Chips (2 x 80g) MSK-6982 12.99Beech Fine Wood Chips (2 x 80g) MSK-6984 12.99 Smoke Oil Liquid Smoke Extract MSK-2556Smoke Extracts (Liquid)As little as 1% dosage neededHickory Liquid Smoke Extract (100ml) MSK-0129 18.99Beech Liquid Smoke Extract (100ml) MSK-2555 16.99Smoke Oil Liquid Smoke Extract (100ml) MSK-2556 9.99Oak is the best choice for smoking red meat and cheese, and Beech is the best choice for smoking fish, light cheese andSmoke Flavour Burstvegetables, but both provide a good neutral base for mixing with other flavors: essential oils, citrus peels, spices, herbs, etc. From our flavour burst range. See page 42The Jack Daniels wood chips are the best choice for smokingSmoke Flavour Burst (water sol) (100ml) MSK-6131 15.99barbecues, cocktails and drinks. Hickory Glazed Salmon Method2ml MSK Hickory Smoke Extract Mix all of the ingredients in 2 Garlic Cloves, crushed a small pan and heat gently until the sugar is dissolved, 220g Honey then simmer for 20 minutes, or 340g Soft Light Brown Sugar until the glaze is reduced and 1 Red Chilli, seeds removed,thickened.finely chopped Allow the glaze to cool and place 1 tsp Chinese Five Spice Powder in a shallow dish.100ml Soy Sauce Liberally coat the salmon with Juice ofan orange the glaze and fry in a little oil until Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper cooked through.Call us on: 01246 412211 91'