b'Confit Kit & Wet GrinderConfit KitThe perfect attachment for coating nuts, truffles and a wide variety of confections with tempered chocolate and other coatings. It also sugar-coats almonds, dried fruit and cereals, turning them into succulent drages. Adaptable to any model of Kenwood or Kitchen Aid mixer, it will allow you to make sweet and savoury snacks.Confit Kit for Kitchen Aid (1 unit) MSK-3039 318.59Confit Kit for Kenwood (1 unit) MSK-3040 318.59Twin Stones Tabletop Tilting Wet GrinderThis incredibly versatile machine from 100% Chef brings the power of industrial refiners or conching machines to the professional kitchen.The 10cm diameter black granite stones apply adjustable pressure against a base also made of granite, and can refine ingredients down to a diameter of just 20 microns without overheating them.Perfect for conching cacao beans when making bean to bar chocoate, you can also use it in many other ways:produce pure nut pastes or giandujamake mustardflavour butters, pork fat, oils or even honeycream coconut or riceprepare refined vegetable pastes and fruit pastesmake jams, with the peel, but without sievingThe Twin Stones machine has recently been upgraded with a reinforced double-bladed shaft designed to optimise movement of the ingredients under the granite grinding stones.The robust motor is designed to withstand the stress of grinding cocoa and other hard particles for up to 48 hours at a time.The bowl is tiltable for ease of filling and emptying.Twin Stones Wet Grinder MSK-5192 223.99134 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'