b'TrufflesTrufflesTruffles are a typically seasonal product, available exclusively during the short harvesting spell, but thanks to modern preserving techniques, the superb qualities of the truffle are retained almost untouched in this delightful range from Italy.Black Truffle Sliced in Oil (45g) MSK-3765 22.99Black Truffle Whole in Brine (25g) MSK-3766 36.99Summer Truffle Paste (25g) MSK-3767 14.99Truffled Salt (100g) MSK-3770 14.99Summer Truffle Whole in Brine (25g) MSK-3768 14.99White Truffle Oil (250ml) MSK-7106 14.99White Truffle Paste (25g) MSK-3771 24.99PectinThere are lots of different grades of Pectin available.Weve selected the perfect pectin for professional kitchens, slow-setting and just right for pte de fruit. Squid InkPectin jellies are heat resistant so they can be served on hotGreat for colouring pasta and rice.dishes.Squid Ink, 4g (6pk) MSK-0575 9.99Pectin - slow setting (200g) MSK-7453 9.99Pectin - slow setting - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-7454 35.99 Edible PaperPectinase Ultra SP-L (100g) MSK-7931 19.99 Edible Paper 28x18cm, 72 Sheets (1pk) MSK-0906 24.9930 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'