b'Finishing TouchesGold Dust MSK-0581Edible Gold & Silver DragesGold and silver leaf provide vibrant and shiny colours. Decorative pearls for colour and interest.The products are available in sheet form, there are 25 sheets per book. Each sheet is approximately 9cm square. The leaves are very pure and can be used as a garnish on hot dishes such as a risotto or can be used for decorations on patisserie products.Gold Leaf Loose 9x9cm (25 sheets) MSK-0453 34.99Silver Leaf Loose 9x9cm (25 sheets) MSK-0455 19.99Gold Dust (80mg) MSK-0581 29.99Tiny Gold (250g) Small Silver (250g)Gold Leaf LooseMSK-7196 9.99 MSK-7205 9.99MSK-0453Large Silver (250g) Large Gold (250g)Silver Leaf LooseMSK-7206 9.99 MSK-7200 9.99MSK-0455Aluminium Foil 80mm Square SheetsColourful foil sheets for finishing chocolates.Black (2500pk) MSK-3454 29.99Bright Red (2500pk) MSK-3455 29.99Brown (2500pk) MSK-3456 29.99Copper (2500pk) MSK-3457 29.99Dark Green (2500pk) MSK-3458 29.99Dark Pink (2500pk) MSK-3459 29.99Gold (2500pk) MSK-3460 29.99Lilac (2500pk) MSK-3462 29.99Lime Green (2500pk) MSK-3463 29.99Midnight Blue (2500pk) MSK-3464 29.99Mint Green (2500pk) MSK-3465 29.99 Sable Artist BrushesOrange (2500pk) MSK-3466 29.99Pink (2500pk) MSK-3467 29.99 Sable Artist Brushes (set of 6 Various Sizes) MSK-6620 12.99Purple (2500pk) MSK-3468 29.99Silver (2500pk) MSK-3470 29.99 Stainless Steel TweezersTurquoise (2500pk) MSK-3471 29.99 Stainless Steel Tweezers (set of 4) MSK-6621 12.99Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 123'