b'MSK UltraMousse & UltraFoamMSK UltraMousseThe simple solution for vegetarian gelatine-free mousses, MSK UltraMousse comes in a powder form and is easily dispersible in cream. Once aerated this then forms a wonderfully light, smooth and stable mousse.Matcha and Yuzu Mousse7g Matcha & Yuzu powder blend100g Natural Yoghurt150g Whipping Cream27g MSK UltraMousse30g SugarIn a mixing bowl combine the yoghurt, matcha and yuzu powder and sugar, stir well and set to one side.In a separate bowl, combine the whipping cream and the UltraMousse. Whisk together using a hand whisk until the mixture thickens to a soft peak. Add the yoghurt mixture into the cream and mix until fully combined. Pour the mousse into the desired moulds and place in the freezer MSK UltraMousse (1kg) MSK-7966 24.99MSK UltraFoamMSK UltraFoam is a high-performance natural foaming agent, derived from tree bark, which you can use to create a very stable foam head on a liquid.For a long-lasting and attractive foam, use just 4-5 drops per 100mls of liquid and agitate with a whisk, a stick blender, or for best performance and efficiency, use the 100% Chef Foam Kit.68 TRAINING AVAILABLE: see page 4'