b'Waffles & Ice Cream Yorkshire Pudding / Waffle / Pancake Mix Chocolate Ice Cream (Contains soy)200g Plain Flour (can be gluten-free flour) 150g Macondo 60% Dark Chocolate25g MSK Crispit 150g Soy Single25g Water 200g Soy Milk50g Vegetable Oil 50g Sugar4g MSK Silk Gel 20g Cocoa Mass6g MSK Egg-less 5g Silk Gel4g Salt Warm the milk, cream and the chocolate until it has melted.1tsp Baking Powder200g Plant-based Milk (A) Add the rest of the ingredients and emulsify with a stick blender.7.5g MSK UltraWhip Freeze in a pacjoet canister and pactise as needed.150g Plant-based Milk (B)Mix milk (A), the MSK Egg-less and the UltaWhip together and whisk until it looks like whipped egg whites.Mix all the other ingredients together to a smooth paste.Fold the 2 mixes together gently. For Yorkshire Puddings, grease the Yorkshire tin and spoon the mix to just over the top, then bake at 200C for 20 minutes.Colombia Allergen-Free 43% Milk ChocolateThis allergen-free vegan couverture is made from a mix of Colombian Fino de Aroma beans with gluten-free oat powder and rice powder and is simply the best tasting allergen-free chocolate weve ever tasted. Colombia Allergen-Free 43% Chocolate MSK-8138 29.99Call us on: 01246 412211 57'