b'Liquid Nitrogen & Dry Ice CookingNitro Coolant Moulds Thermo BottleA nitro coolant mould is designed for dipping into liquid nitrogen. Double-layered borosilicate glass bottles. Resistant to cold Fill the mould with foam or mousse and dip in nitrogen fornitrogen. Made to serve juices, liqueurs or spirits.amazing shapes with a liquid centre. The moulds are made from stainless steel with double handles and a pusher. Thermo bottle, 750ml, 8x39cm MSK-4404 63.89Nitro Coolant Mould Round MSK-3079 19.99 Thermo bottle, 500 ml, 8x30cm MSK-4405 60.09 40mm x 80mmNitro Coolant Mould Square MSK-3080 19.9940mm x 40mm x 80mm We also offer a very large range of stylish borosilciate glassware suitable for use with liquid nitrogen.See page 148.THINKING OF USING LIQUID NITROGEN IN YOUR KITCHEN?Mansfield Cryogenics Ltd offers a complete liquid nitrogen delivery service designed around the needs of our customers.MANSFIELD CRYOGENICSSuppliers of Liquid Nitrogen & EquipmentEmail: enquiries@mansfieldcryogenics Tel: 01623 621600Twitter: @MansfieldCryo Unit 2 Hermitage Way, Hermitage Lane Industrial Estate, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 5ESCall us on: 01246 412211 129'