b'Silicone Tart MouldsPavoflex 300x175mmA new line of silicone moulds to enhance single-serving tarts.Twelve different designs to create refined, three-dimensional shapes, inspired by the world of design.Pill MSK-8063Frisbee, 60x28mm, PX3208SMSK-8060 15.48Frisbee MSK-8060Step, 60x32mm, PX3210SMSK-8061 15.48Charm MSK-8062Step MSK-8061Charm, 60x21.5mm, PX3209SMSK-8062 15.48Pill, 117x24.5x19.5mm, PX3211SMSK-8063 15.48AccessoriesThe micro-perforations in the silicone mat and aluminium tray ensure an even distribution of heat for perfectly cooked bases. Micro-Perforated Silicone Mat, FOROSIL64 Micro-Perforated Aluminium TrayMSK-8064 18.60 MSK-8065 22.62148 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'