b'Flavour Drops (Specials)A range of enduringly popular high performance flavourings with superb flavour profiles. Water-Soluble Flavour DropsAcorn, 30ml MSK-3689 17.99 Caramel Popcorn, 30ml MSK-3701 17.99Almond, 30ml MSK-7876 17.99 Champagne - Type, 30ml MSK-1633 17.99Apple Cider, 30ml MSK-3691 17.99 Chocolate Fudge, 30ml MSK-1639 19.99Baked Bread, 30ml MSK-1628 19.99 Coffee Liqueur, 30ml MSK-1652 17.99Blackcurrant, 30ml MSK-0220 17.99 Gardenia, 30ml MSK-3308 19.99Brandy, 30ml MSK-3698 17.99 Green Tea, 30ml MSK-1432 17.99Bubblegum, 30ml MSK-0846 17.99 Guava, 30ml MSK-1423 17.99 Lychee, 30ml MSK-1426 17.99Burnt Sugar, 30ml MSK-3699 17.99 Honey, 30ml MSK-3708 17.99 Pear, 30ml MSK-0260 17.99Butterscotch, 30ml MSK-1520 17.99 Iron Brew, 30ml MSK-1666 17.99 Pineapple, 30ml MSK-0597 17.99Candy Floss, 30ml MSK-3700 17.99 Japanese Plum, 30ml MSK-3710 17.99 Plum, 30ml MSK-0272 17.99Caramel Cream, 30ml MSK-3721 17.99 Lily of the Valley, 30ml MSK-1425 17.99 Popcorn, 30ml MSK-0847 17.99Raspberry, 30ml MSK-0218 17.99Rhubarb (Candy), 30ml MSK-0251 17.99Rum & Raisin, 30ml MSK-1515 17.99Strawberry, 30ml MSK-0219 17.99Toasted Coconut, 30ml MSK-1642 19.99Violet, 30ml MSK-0239 17.99Watermelon, 30ml MSK-1657 19.99White Chocolate, 30ml MSK-1415 17.99Oil-Soluble Flavour DropsKumquat, 30ml MSK-3312 17.99Lemon Verbena, 30ml MSK-1654 17.99Orange, 30ml MSK-0267 17.99Parmesan Cheese, 30ml MSK-1637 19.99Whiskey, 30ml MSK-3835 17.99Rhubarb Jelly withMethodStrawberry Foam Blend the carrageenan iota with the sugar and add to the poaching liquor. 6g MSK Carageenan Iota Bring this mixture to the boil.10g Sugar Remove from the heat and add the 500ml Rhubarb Poaching Liquor rhubarb flavour drop and malic acid.5 drops MSK Rhubarb Flavour Drops Pour the mixture into small shot glasses. 0.5g MSK Malic Acid Fill one third of each glass with the mix. Allow the jelly to set.100ml Jus Fraise Mix all of the foam ingredients together 1g MSK Hyfoamer and place on the machine with the whisk attachment. Whisk until the mixture is 1g MSK Xanthan Gum fully aerated.Top each of the shot glasses with the foam and serve.40 MULTI-BUY OFFERS available on many flavours'