b'Fat-Soluble ColoursFat Soluble Liquid ColoursOur liquid colours are the same intense pigments as our powder colours, but supplied on a vegetable oil carrier for ease of use in applications where a little extra oil will not affect the dish. Mainly used to colour melted chocolate, creams, butter creams and cocoa butter.The examples here are in white chocolate and canBlack (40g) White (40g)be made lighter/deeper by varying the dosage rate. MSK-1305 9.99 MSK-1303 9.99Red (40g) Egg Yellow (40g) Lemon Yellow (40g) Green (40g)MSK-1308 9.99 MSK-1302 9.99 MSK-1306 9.99 MSK-1307 9.99Bright Blue (40g) Purple (40g) Pink (40g) Brown (40g)MSK-1309 9.99 MSK-1300 9.99 MSK-1301 9.99 MSK-1304 9.99Power FlowersPower flowers are a flexible, easy-to-use colouring system in which you mix red, yellow and blue flower pellets according to a colourcard recipe swatch to make the colour you want.Made of cocoa butter and colourings, the flowers are perfect for colouring chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, creams and much more!The red and yellow come in two versions: stronger synthetic colours which contain AZO dyes, or non-AZO alternatives.All other colours are non-AZO.Colour cards are available for both the AZO and non-AZO versions, and theres even an app you can download to help you get the perfect colour!Red (Azo) (50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1825 25.99Yellow (Azo )(50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1826 25.99Red (Non-Azo) (50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1829 25.99Yellow (Non-Azo) (50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1830 39.99White (Non-Azo) (50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1827 25.99Blue (Non-Azo) (50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1828 25.99Red Sparkling (Non-Azo) (50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1894 25.99Copper Sparkling (Non-Azo) (50 x 1g pellets) MSK-1893 25.99Colour Master Card (1 unit) MSK-1831 17.99 Hibiscus Flavour Flowers (50 x 1g) MSK-1835 17.99Colour Master Card (Non-Azo) (1 unit) MSK-1832 17.99 Matcha Flavour Flowers (50 x 1g) MSK-1836 17.99Call us on: 01246 412211 121'