b'Casa Luker Cocao DerivativesUn-Deodorised Cocoa Butter Bean 2 BarUnlike many commercially produced cocoa butters, which haveBean to bar is a new trend in the chocolate world where chefs buy had all the flavour of chocolate removed, our un-deodorised cocoacocoa beans to select and process according to their preferences butter delivers the full fino de aroma flavour. and recipes. The chocolate they create can be marketed as single origin artisan chocolate and designed to their own flavour profiles.Casa Luker Cocoa Butter (1kg) MSK-7136 19.99 Each cocoa-producing region has different soil and climate characteristics.Such diversity produces the different aromas and Cocoa MassFino De Aroma flavours of each of the cocoas. Our criola and trinitarian beans are carefully selected by expert cocoa farmers from the best cocoa 100% fino de aroma cocoa mass, ideal for the production of icefino de aroma producing regions in Colombia.creams, savoury chocolate sauces and other applications where the addition of sugar to the chocolate may be undesirable tothe recipe. Whole Milk PowderSpray dried whole milk powder with a rich creamy flavour. Ideal for Casa Luker Cocoa Mass (1kg) MSK-7137 14.99 use in the production of artisan milk chocolate.Cocoa Powder Whole Milk Powder (500g) MSK-7248 14.99This is a 100% natural un-alkalised cocoa powder. Typically cocoa powder is treated with an alkalising agent to bring out aTwin Stones Wet Grinderdarker colour. This, however, reduces the flavour and lessens theMake silky smooth chocolate with this perfect accessory for small characteristics of the cocoa. This powder is a light un-alkalisedbatch chocolate production.powder bursting with the fino de aroma characteristics.Wet Grinder (2 litre) MSK-5192 CallCasa Luker Cocoa Powder (1kg) MSK-7138 14.99Cocoa Nibs Luker Panela SugarPanela is a non-refined raw sugar made from dehydrated cane Fine-flavoured Cocoa Nib from Casa Luker, ideal for use in Beanjuice. In contrast to refined sugar, Panela keeps its natural flavour 2 Bar chocolate or as a decoartive garnish for desserts. and nutrientsCasa Luker Cocoa Nibs (1kg) MSK-7139 19.99 Panela Sugar (1kg) MSK-7104 14.99Wild Madagascan SugarA buttery brown sugar molasses with top notes of liquorice which delivers a unique flavour and a distinctive caramel colour.Wild Madagascan Sugar (1kg) MSK-6710 19.99Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 101'