b'3D MouldsIce Cube Square MouldA versatile plastic mould from 100% Chef for making square and rectangular ice cubes which are crystal clear.Designed to mimic the way lakes and rivers freeze, the bottom is insulated to ensure ice freezes from the top down, layer by layer, leaving a layer of frost at the bottom which can be removed easily.The mould includes different inserts to make 3 different sizes of ice cubes: 4x4x4cm, 2x2x6cm and 9x9x9cmIce Cube Mould, 30x20x20mm (1 unit) MSK-4928 15.99Ice Cube Sphere MouldA strong plastic mould from 100% Chef for making crystal clear ice spheres which last longer than traditional ice cubes because round ice melts slower.Add a personal touch by flavouring your ice spheres or including fruits, flowers or spices for a surprising flourish.Ice Ball Mould, dia 6cm (5pk) MSK-4457 29.993D Lipstick Moulds 3D Lollipop MouldsThis reusable plastic lipstick mould from 100% Chef creates theA reusable plastic lollipop mould from 100% Chef in the traditional perfect lipstick shape from fruit puree, jelly or chocolate, and issweet shop shape. Freezer and dishwasher safe below 70C.freezer and dishwasher safe up to 70C. Perfect for fruit purees, jelly or chocolate.Makes 7 lipsticks (see page 199 for the lipstick cases). Makes 6 lollipops at a time.Lipstick Moulds (1 unit) MSK-3124 15.29 Lollipop Moulds (1 unit) MSK-4456 15.29Call us on: 01246 412211 159'