b'Japanese SpecialitiesYuzu & Matcha Tea Ice CreamMatcha Green Tea Powder (Finest Grade) Yuzu PowderMatcha Green Tea Powder (100g) MSK-1289 26.99 Yuzu Powder (50g) MSK-6713 19.99Matcha green tea is traditionally used in the japanese teaOur superbly intense yuzu powder is a wonderfully versatile way ceremony. Once harvested the leaves are steamed, dried, de- of adding this unique, delicious and increasingly popular citrus veined and stone-ground to a fine talc-like powder, the powder isflavour to your dishes.very intense and a little goes a long way.Crystallized Japanese FruitsCrystallized Yuzu Zest (250g) MSK-7761 24.99 Crystallized Mandarin Zest (250g) MSK-7759 24.99Yuzu peel, candied and slivered, with a real punchy flavour andJapanese Iyokan mandarin peel, candied and slivered.plenty of zing.Sobacha Roasted Buckwheat Crunch (200g) Kinako Roasted Black Sesame and Soy Powder (300g)MSK-6715 29.99 MSK-6716 19.99A classic of Japanese cuisine, Sobacha has a nutty flavour andWith a flavour reminiscent of roasted peanuts, Kinako is often can be infused or used as an inclusion, and is popular for itsused in Japanese cooking instead of flour, and as a dusting for antioxidants and minerals. desserts.18 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com'