b'Serviceware172 Glassware 191 Aluminium TubesAn exclusive, beautiful and functional range ofSmall disposable toothpaste-style tubes which can borosilicate glassware, perfect for use with dry ice,be filled and sealed to be opened by the customer.liquid nitrogen, blowtorches and fire. 192 Branding Irons181 Gin & Tonic Concept Customizable stamps, seals and branding irons for Bottle your own sparkling drinks. marking your food and equipment with your logo or 182 Cloches other design.Cloches of all sizes and shapes, suitable for193 Miniaturessmoking and aromatizing your dishes and cocktails. Novel presentation ideas, from Milk Buckets to 183 Infusion Bowl miniature wooden pallets.A borosilicate glass bowl designed to be used with a196 Takeawayvacuum pump to flavour drinks through acceleratedReplica takeaway boxes for burgers, pizza, noodles cold infusion and sandwiches, plus cones, newspaper and more.183 Advance Scene 199 Lipstick MouldsAn original presentation concept in which a range ofReusable lipstick moulds and cases will bring stylish plates fit on top of a large glass presentationhumour to the tablebowl which can be filled with relevant scene-setting creations to complement your dish. 200 Gastro and Deli Tray SystemA flexible and customisable food presentation 184 Yoghurt Pots system which can be used in all types of service.Fill and seal your own yoghurts and even add your logo to the lid! 204 Display StandsStands and supports for presenting skewers, cones, 185 Mini Glassware egg shells and more.Mini versions of popular designs like cola bottles and teapots, all made from tough borosilicate glass. 206 Sticks & Skewers186 Stoneware Egg ShellsA large range of stone, marble and quartzite plates,207bowls and stands, all individually shaped andEgg Shells make a perfect serving vessel for tasters. offering beautiful presentation options 207 Pipettes188 Salt PlatesOur himalayan salt blocks offer an interesting and versatile way to season and serve food.189 PorcelainPorcelain plates in innovative shapes.190 Aluminium Cans & Tin CansAluminium and tin cans for presenting fresh food portions.191 Test TubesIdeal for small cocktails or creative drinks, and suitable for use with dry ice.Call us on: 01246 412211 171'